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Living and Writing in the Natural World

Weekly to Monthly, but just as fun

Last week's entry made if a full year I've had the privilege of posting weekly essays under the broad rubric of Living and Writing in the Natural World. It's been a blast, and much of the enjoyment has been the feedback from those of you following my (mis)adventures.

A very full writing schedule, however, leads me to switch to a monthly rather than a weekly format for the foreseeable future. These monthly essays will be longer,  Read More 
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A Yosemite Ramble Goes Up in Smoke

Half dome behind the oak--shrouded in smoke!

My long-planned Yosemite outing this past weekend would be perfect: Amtrak bus and train down the Sacramento and San Joaquin valleys, bus from Merced depositing me at Yosemite Valley’s Curry Village, then picked up by the Tuolumne Meadow Hiker Shuttle the next morning, up to the high country, and deposited at the May Lake trailhead for my hike into a series of High Sierra Camps, light pack on my back and walking sticks in hand.

What could possibly go wrong?  Read More 

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